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EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE PLANNING (EDRP) is an Education related process management software, that allows an organization like Schools,Collages,Coaching center or any other educational institutes to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

It is a user friendly and a secure division of new digital arena in the field of data management. The dedicated team of us with the experience know very well to deal with our valuable clients.
Manually written data are prone to errors which have aroused the need to adopt the advance automated and cloud based management software.
EDRP ensures that all your important information will be saved electronically and efficiently which is also a trouble free process and used very swiftly as per your requirement of work.

SO, JOIN! Your hands with us to establish the bridge between the new digital world and the management of your esteemed variables.
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As the world is very busy in surfing the internet, speed blazes with time. So, we have built this with an ease of working and our application is as easy to handle as possible.


Our server’s are located at the Asia’s biggest data center. We are providing you the safest gateway to work and the security hardening mechanism for being protected.


An user friendly CLOUD 9 system which can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. The EDRP that enables your reach and possibilities to look upon your system in a secure and easy way.


Simplicity and the easiness by which our programme run and accomplishes the various tasks of your requirements. Anyone with the knowledge of simple computing and internet can use EDRP.

Our best features.

EDRP - School ERP Software
  • There is no need to install any kind of software on client machines.EDRP can be accessed from anywhere through Internet

  • Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle EDRP. The whole software is based on simplicity itself.

  • EDRP has been developed to work really well with mobile phones and tablets. In addition it is compatible across all modern browsers.

  • We have a bunch of well experienced professionals in place just to help you deal with your issues.We’ll be at your beck and call 24/7.

  • Our servers are located at Asia's biggest data centre. Plus,our security hardening mechanism protects your data like a sacred treasure.

  • EDRP offers a unique dynamic reporting tool which provides great flexibility to design and print endless report based on specific needs of management and auditors with built-in excel export feature.

  • Application is integrated with sms and email gateways.These message are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements,fee due reminders,daily birthday wishes etc.

Are You Living In The Past?

No matter whether a school or college is big or small, it needs to maintain a flawless data of various activities. In older days people do lots of hectic paper work to manage the data in schools and colleges. Now we are introducing a web application which revolutionizing the world of education management system.

EDRP - School ERP Software
Although this is a cloud service, the software is configurable as per school’s individual requirements. You will be able to maintain your school’s uniqueness by picking and choosing what process you would need.
We have made it a top priority to ensure that all - admin, teacher and parent dashboards are easy to use. We have tried and tested them numerous times to make sure they are user friendly. So, even the most basic user will be able to run things in an uncomplicated manner.
EDRP offers a unique dynamic reporting tool which provides great _edibility to design and print endless Reports based on specific needs of users, management and auditors with “built-in excel export feature�? and direct connectivity with SMS and EMAIL gateways. These messages are also scheduled and triggered on events like: instant fee acknowledgements, fee due reminders, new registration/admission welcome Messages, intimation to absentees, daily birthday wishes etc.
We continuously invest in our solutions to ensure best practices. We enrich the software based on user feedback and statutory changes. We ensure timely updates without disrupting the users.

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Rs 3.00
Upto 100 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 300
  • Annual Rs. 3000
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Rs 2.50
Upto 200 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 500
  • Annual Rs. 5000
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Rs 1.60
Upto 500 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 800
  • Annual Rs. 8000
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Rs 1.00
Upto 1000 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 1000
  • Annual Rs. 10000
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Rs 0.80
Upto 1500 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 1200
  • Annual Rs. 12000
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Rs 0.70
Upto 2000 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 1400
  • Annual Rs. 14000
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Rs 0.68
Upto 2500 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 1700
  • Annual Rs. 17000
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Rs 0.66
Upto 3000 Students
  • Monthly Rs. 2000
  • Annual Rs. 20000
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What our users say...

We have been using EDRP for over three years from now and it is the simplicity and enriched functionality of this software that make us awestruck. We have tried the demo version and are completely satisfied with the original one as well.

Mr G.S. Chandra Director GSC Model Convent School

Exceptional and incredible user experiences were presented to us by this online school management system. EDRP is a highly commendable software that understands every nook and corner of school management with utmost perfection and reliability.

Mr K.R. Chandra Director Sanskar Bharti Hr. Sec. School

Effective and worthy is that what we have to say about EDRP.
We bought it a couple of months back and it is indeed delightful that managing all the day to day activities of our college was never easier like this ever before.

Mr V.K. Bansal Director Radha Krishna Shiksha Samiti
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