We have a long tale to share with you.

But for now, let us start with these 101 reasons, why you should choose EDRP?

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101 reasons to choose EDRP

Most Affordable ERP Named as EDRP

We guarantee you the most affordable purchase of School Management Software in the name of EDRP and we will prove the worth of your every penny. No matter how big or small is your school, we have something for you always at your budget.


Ergonomically developed to easily match your learning behaviour. We crafted it more than just a user-friendly entity.

24×7 Software Support

From the time you have our EDRP, Our team of dedicated support systems will never let you alone in this path. You will always have us 24/7.

Accessibility of EDRP

EDRP always ensures that your schools’ functionalities will always be available to you anytime & anywhere and with every handheld digital device you are equipped with.

SaaS Enabled

EDRP is a SaaS-enabled school management software which is available to on the basis of a licence.

Paperless Administration with EDRP

EDRP has ensured and committed itself to a complete paperless working through integrating and implementing in itself as many modules as possible.

Online Payment Facility

Our highly secured payment gateways are integrated with all major banks to ensure swift financial transactions 24/7.

EDRP with Mobile Application

We have built the mobile application with the same dedication that ensures availability of all functionalities as the desktop one. A fully functional and connected, ready to alert you when required.

Smart Attendance Function

Integrated with technologies like Biometrics, swipe cards and RFID, EDRP has a lot to offer a school administration to choose from, that works best for them.

Money-Back Guarantee Promise

EDRP offers you 30 days money-back guarantee because we are confident with the performance of the product we built.

Empowers Teachers with their duties

EDRP is equipped with a well designed and powerful analytical tool that helps to keep a bird’s-eye view over your school analytics and day to day workings.

GPS Tracking of school transportation fleets

Security is on the preamble of EDRP, so how can we forget the most vulnerable time of our children when they are on their way to school. You can track the movement of your child’s commute with the same single app we have built for you.

Helps in Saving Time

According to a study carried out by our analytical team, our program can help in reducing 45% of the total time of any school organisation that can easily be redirected to the core functionality of the organisation.

Optimising Resource Utilization

Our EDRP is smart. It can easily maintain itself and always ready with updated UI and the latest security features to serve its duty. With its extensive, smart and integrated modules, it let you utilise all your resources whether the physical or human in the most calculated, efficient and productive way.

No Extra Infrastructure is Needed

No need to expand your existing infrastructure to use our EDRP. It can easily run on your current computer system with internet connectivity.

Flexibility to Work From Anywhere

Only equip yourself with a basic internet connectivity and a device connected to it. Now you are all set to use our EDRP from anywhere in the world and at your own convenience.

Flexible & Scalable on the Same Time

No matter what your requirements of present and future are, EDRP is always ready to adopt changes you need.

Promise of Security

With the industry level of security and encryption implemented in EDRP, we ensure your security and privacy in every step with us.

Seamless and Flawless Data Backup

Even under a catastrophic condition of system failure, you need not worry about your crucial data. We preserve your data like a sacred treasure.

Fastest Implementation

We need only 6 hours from our side and Only 16 working hours of yours for you to implement EDRP in your institution effectively. That’s it.

Fast and Easy Data Tracking

A large amount of data can now be easily available and studied, as it is one the benefit of digitization which comes handy with EDRP too. Fast and Easy data tracking of the different department is one of the core essences of EDRP.

Improves Academic Standard

Teachers also get ample amounts of time as most of their paperwork is now effectively handled by EDRP. This directly helps them in acquiring an extra amount of time that can easily be directed towards providing quality education to our children.

Ease of Timetable Scheduling

Scheduling has never been so easy. With realtime updates, we moved it one step above. Within minutes, a schedule can be created, updated and deleted for both Students and employees. With real-time updates of schedule, working can be carried out accordingly on the same day without any delay.

Reduce Administration Working Load

Our EDRP automates workload of all the departments and enables fast and data-driven decision making. This greatly helps in reducing the administrative load and increases the overall effectiveness of day to day working.

SMS Service Integration

SMS integration with EDRP makes it more connected and enables its real-time information sharing with its stakeholders more powerful and reliable.

Voice Call Service Integration

New to these features? Don’t worry, let us explain this. Voice Call Service Integration is our vast library of programmable voice call that helps our EDRP to bridge the communication gap of a conventional text message.

Mobile App for Parent

The mobile app for parents provides up-to-date information about their children’s school curriculum to the parents. It is loaded with every tool for a parent and subsequently for students also to effectively track their academic progress and get regular updates over it.

Mobile App for Teacher

Keeping in mind, all the responsibilities a teacher has to perform, we crafted an app for the same. Every duty is moulded into features and placed strategically in perfect location into the app to help them perform even better in their tasks.

Mobile App for Transportation fleets

Designed with simplicity for vehicles used for student commute. It provides all the necessary information regarding the commute of students to and from the school to the management and parents of students.

Don’t waste money on Biometric devices

Every penny of revenue is important and we know this very well. Considering this we made our Teacher-App so powerful that a teacher can register their attendance using their mobile phone. Don’t worry, no one can fake their attendance.

Improve your Student Performance Analysis

Evaluation of students is made simple with EDRP. With its data-driven and analytical approach, a teacher and a student can evaluate and take self-assessments of their progress.

Hardware Compatibility

Our EDRP is compatible with a wide variety of digital devices that are used during the official work in school premises. On top of it, we added some more devices to increase its usability space and adaptability with rising requirements.

Choose from various Mode Of Payment

EDRP school management system allows its user to select from the numerous mode of payment to pay from they are comfortable with.

Aid of Technology in Education

Implementing technology in the school to assess with their curriculum is the need of the hour. With a powerful and robust school ERP like ours EDRP will definitely give you a lead in performing your duties.

Multi-School Solution

EDRP is designed to scale itself to incorporate branches and franchise of school.

Regular Updates

To keep up to date with the latest security updates and to increase the functionalities, features and ergonomics of EDRP, we constantly push updates whenever required.

Easy Migration of data

No problem if you want to switch from your existing ERP to EDRP and have 1000’s of data stored in it. We have a solution for that also. Our custom data migration tool comes handy here and easily migrate all your data into EDRP in minutes.

Fee Receipts Generation

EDRP electronically generated fee receipt in a very fast and hasslefree manner.

Real-Time App Notifications

An active and realtime notification system is implemented throughout the EDRP system either in app-based or portal-based.

Online Notice Board

EDRP offers you an electronic notice board where school administration can post notices. This is connected and shared across every platform of EDRP used by school institution.

Easy Feedback Mechanism

Feedback is important, so is here. EDRP allow you to create feedback form to take feedback from every stakeholder so that you can regulate your work accordingly.

Record Keeping

From the day a student gets admission to the time of offering Transfer Certificate, each and every milestone of his academic career will securely be stored in EDRP. We have designed it with robust record-keeping protocols and algorithms.

Complete Automation Solution

EDRP consist of all modules replicating all working of your school organisation thus ensuring complete automation of your school and workload of your employee.

Tally Integration

Is your school is handling accounts with Tally Application and you are afraid of shifting from it. Not a problem !! EDRP API for Tally comes handy here. It can easily coordinate with Tally and work as efficiently as it is intended to do.

Automatic Payroll Processing Ability

You don’t need to double think about your payroll management. Leave that extra burden for EDRP and it will do rest for you


Customizable in its own way to fulfil all your requirements in real-time.

Single Stop Solution of your School Need

Digitise your school data and make the online presence of your Institution.

Powered with API

You can access our EDRP from anywhere and from any device that is connected to the internet and if needed integration with others can also be done swiftly to match different customer requirements.

Website Integration

EDRP is easily able to integrate itself with your current school website to serve its service with your existing platform.

Email Integration

Our EDRP is capable to integrate itself with your current e-mail synchronisation or you can choose to use the dedicated EDRP email service for your communication.

Separate login IDs for Every User

Provided with different login IDs, all member of our EDRP will have access to their required data whenever needed.

Next-Generation School ERP

Precisely planned and developed to meet your present and future needs.

No dependency on IT resources

A person with a small understanding of the computer system and having little working knowledge with it can easily work with EDRP because we had created it in that way. You don’t need an expert IT team to handle it.

Multiple fee accounts

Multiple fee accounts can easily auditable with full transparency of financial transaction of school institution using EDRP.

Graphical Summarise Reports

The powerful analytical tool of EDRP does all data-driven calculation and produce graphical reports for easy analysis.

Hassle-Free Report Card Printing

Fast printing of School report cards is made possible with EDRP. After evaluation, the printing of the report card can be immediately done, reliving a teacher and admin from a lot of work pressure.

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Our EDRP School Management Software is fully complies with the latest CCE rules and guidelines.

Custom URL

EDRP offers custom URL for the school institution to access the EDRP platform.

Auto Grade Conversion for MarkSheet.

Grading tool of EDRP automatically converts marks into grade according to the prescribed rule set for it. Now there is no need of doing it manually.

Customization of Report Cards

We have created the report card section a little smart. Results will automatically be customised according to the exam pattern the school follows.

Library Management System

A robust library management module is implemented in EDRP to help solve issues and burden of school administration in handling library and its functionality.

Admissions Management System

EDRP is equipped with an extensive and broad admission management system to handle all admission enquiry and routine admission processes of the new and old student as per institutions protocol and guidelines. It automates all steps seamlessly with realtime notification and reports.

Transport Management System

Transport management module of EDRP not only provides scheduling of fleet of school vehicle but also offers a wide variety of functionalities to manage transport resources effectively.

HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll management module of EDRP is equipped with all the latest methods and procedures to effectively handles and use the human resource of the school organisation.

Academics Management

EDRP manage and streamlines with real-time notification of all academics responsibilities of your student like homework, classwork, assignments, timetable, and important circulars.

School Fee Management System

EDRP manage the automation of all fee-related activities like fee collection, receipt generation, accept Online Fee Payments.

Online Fee Payment

Parents can choose from a variety of different methods like Card, UPI, Bank transfer, Internet banking for paying the fees of there wards using our desktop portal or mobile app.

Secure Password Management

All password are stored in an encrypted form in our EDRP system. No one can read or decipher these


Using EDRP, the school administration can create content for the e-learning platform to assess student with it and increase the knowledge base of there institution

Analyze Student Performance

EDRP enables the student and teacher to evaluate their performance based on the data-driven reports, summaries and flowcharts generated by the analytical engine

Safe Employee login

All login is done on an encrypted platform. Every staff is provided with a different login ID and password with different access permissions in EDRP.

Multiple Accounting

EDRP allows the flexibility of operating with multiple bank accounts and facilitates ease of auditing and tracking of income and expenditure across all bank accounts.

Student Information System

The entire academic data of every student is handled by the EDRP. It stores and made available to the requestee whenever it is asked in the required formate.

Upload Event Photos

Sharing school diaries and event photographs of school among teachers and parents is some of the OTT features of EDRP to increase the involvement of all stakeholders of school entities. All these functionalities can easily be accessed through respective mobile apps and desktop portal.

Inventory Management

Confuse about that cumbersome school inventory? Don’t worry, we have a dedicated module specifically for your inventory management.

Reliable Companion

Its is tested and tried through all complex and rigorous security and stress tests to make sure the reliability of EDRP in its own.

Improves Productivity

We design EDRP to simplify all administrative and academics work. The whole software is based on simplicity itself. Its userfriendly environment eliminates all complexities of complex work which overall add to the improvement in productivity of staff and teachers.

Multiple Education Boards

EDRP is designed to effectively adopt all requirements and changes according to the different exam patterns and board requirements like CBSE, CGBSE, ICSE or other states’ examination board.

EDRP SMS alert

EDRP SMS alert integrated with EDRP program which facilitates real-time alert and notification to school administration and parents.

Web-based ERP Solution

EDRP is Platform Independent i.e. no matter where you are & which device you use, if it is connected, EDRP will be on your service, Guaranteed for sure.

Manage Student Attendance

EDRP fluently takes and manages the attendance of students and employees as per school protocol.

Track bus from parent mobile app

With an added security in mind through our parents’ mobile app, we empower parents to track vehicles in real-time that is used by the school administration.

Custom Reports

A teacher or admin can generate any kind of report to assess their decision using our Report module and take proper actions.

Send automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones

In case of any emergence or important notification, EDRP let the school administration to know about the fact and push notification in mobile app and send SMS as required.

Leave Management

EDRP manages leaves, automate every leave requests and generate salaries accordingly.

Intranet Emails Service Utility

An intranet email facility is also available with the EDRP system to make inbound communication within the organisation to increase the communication and connectivity between different franchise of school and within the school also.

Digital Diary for Student

A teacher can enter specific information into a student’s digital diary which is easily accessible by the student or the student’s parent using parent mobile app.

Online Exam

EDRP is equipped with a custom, powerful and robust online exam module which is precisely designed to meet every expectation of a school organisation to carry a successful Online examination.

Online Teaching

EDRP is powered with one of the best, custom-built and powerful online teaching modules which is always ready to fulfil a school institution’s needs of conducting an Online class. We have encapsulated it with every security practices available to date to prevent any kind of privacy breaches.

Extensive tools for Online Exam

The online exam is loaded with a huge amount of tools library to help you out to achieve proper teaching-learning experience.

App-Based Online Examination

No need to stuck yourself with a desktop or laptop computer for the online exam. We have built light enough and smart enough Parent app using which a student can successfully attempt the online examination.

Sports Management Module

Even the minor details of school activity are covered through EDRP. We have streamed lined the sports activity of the school through our Sports module.

Hostel Management

Don’t worry if your school has a hostel and worry if EDRP has something for it or not. Our EDRP is already taught, how to handle a school’s hostel.

EDRP is Endless……

Even the 100 points are not enough to summaries its broadness. The tale of its story is unheard until it is being used. Allow EDRP to serve you and continue its count after 100th points.

Feedback is precious

Even we also need feedback. Our Customer executive may ring your phone some time to have your precious feedback in order to enhance the functionalities and working of our EDRP and make it mature enough to fulfil its duties of educating our future generation.

Technical Assistance

Our EDRP dedicated support team are working 24/7 to resolve any technical issue of yours regarding EDRP.

Online help via Social Media Platform

We are on Social Media also to help and guide you through the path of EDRP.

Online Chat Help

On the bottom right corner of your screen, you will always avail with our online chat tool to assist with any technical issue you come across.

On-Site Support & Training

In case you need it, we are always available with our onsite support team. With every new client, we offer a training session to help them accustomed with the looks, feel and working of the EDRP.

Contact us Anytime

Feel free to call us any time you feel stuck with something with our EDRP. We are happy to help you.