Future World and Digitization of Education.

Future World and Digitization of Education.
Future World and Digitization of Education.

  • What is our vision for education?  

  • What is the first picture we imagine when we talk about educating our child i.e how he or she will get educated, by what process, who will become their guide?

  • How do we look at the far future of our children’s educational career?

Now take a self note.

In all these processes do we think of the digitization processes and what is its level of impacts? How far our thought goes to the core modules of an education system that will be guided by the digital technologies surrounding us. 

If we still thought that the core modules of our education system can only be completed in a school and there would be no alternatives other than that, then it is the time to think over it again. It is the necessity of time now to rewire our thinking and vision over the future of the education process i.e how our children will get their formal education.

In the current scenario where global pandemic forces us to choose, adapt and built alternate methods for continuing the teaching-learning process, we also cannot ignore that COVID-19 forces us to think out of the box. It forces us to choose an alternate path of all that process which we are carrying and following for more than 1,000s of years and for these adaptations, technologies play a very crucial role. We can even say that without it our human civilisation would have suffered a great loss.

In this our Educational institutions have gone through unprecedented changes and adaptation of technologies to conduct its working and continue their duties related to each respective entity of the organisation. It teaches us how important it is even for a people-intensive sector to adopt technologies. ERP for educational institutions is one of these technologies. These ERP on its basic structure must be Secure, Scalable and Simple. It becomes also very important for School ERP provider to help meets the end needs of the organisation they are serving.

Our civilizations had gone through tremendous changes that lead us to this point of time and change is the ultimate truth of nature we can’t ignore. So can we say that this is the mark of a new beginning of the future or are these remarkable adaptations that we and our organisations are going through is temporary? Only time will reveal its truthness.

Avinash Pradhan
Published by Avinash Pradhan

Avinash Pradhan is a copywriter and leads the Customer Relationship Officer at EDRP. He has a keen interest in writing on topics pertaining to education, technology and social issues. He believes that only sound education can bring a better future, a better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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