Guide To Find The Right Tools For Navigating Into The Online Platform

Guide To Find The Right Tools For Navigating Into The Online Platform
Guide To Find The Right Tools For Navigating Into The Online Platform

Overview and Challenges

Moving from the traditional way of learning to online can be terrifying for both teacher and student. This is what happens with the teachers and student around the world. Delivering quality through online communication is remain a challenge among the teacher’s community and receiving quality education through an online platform is equally challengeable for students too.

If we think a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and online platform then we can easily come into a conclusion that all traditional teaching methods cannot work in a virtual environment and there will be some degradation in teaching-learning quality as we shift from a physical into a digital one.

Now there is a question arises that if the technology is meant to improve the effectiveness of a process than why in this case we are facing degradation in quality? Technology should help you deliver effective lessons, not hold you back. If you have to make compromises on quality then it is the time to review your online teaching tools and resources.

Online teaching resources and School ERP

Choosing the right tool is tricky and some time posses great difficulties for both teacher and students. It is because some tools are difficult to use & understand and some only help in fulfilling the partial requirement of both ends. The core reason for this issue is that these tools are made with generalized formate.  

Equipping yourself with the right tool to properly support and engage both teacher and student is very crucial to minimise the degradation of teaching-learning quality due to shifting over the digital platform. Google, Microsoft, Youtube, Pearson International School are some free education delivery resources and tools tech giants that will help you navigate for your solutions. There is no single correct answer for what specific tool to use, that is the right fit for conducting your virtual classroom. 

There is a series of core requirements for a teaching-learning process that need to be fulfilled.

  • Student’s current knowledge level assessment.

  • Proper feedback.

  • Frequency of feedback and assessment.

Tools that help in fulfilling these 3 criteria should your guiding principle. Tools that build around these rules can be your ideal choice, everything else can be put on the secondary list and can be treated as add-ons. 

One of the most powerful tools you can use is School Management Software ERP where students can come together on a single platform along with all their learning materials and assignments. A good School ERP should have features that allow you to set assessments, quizzes, or homework tasks to grade students remotely. These features allow you to track your students’ performance and make proper teaching decisions. It should be user friendly. Compatibility with all other handheld devices could be an added feature. These features will greatly affect and improve one’s instruction process.


Teaching online for the first time can be overwhelming, so overwhelm yourself. Introduce new educational tools and resources one at a time and see if your students are engaging with them. If they aren’t or a tool is hard for you to manage, try something else.

The right technology can enhance your online teaching and support you throughout the process. But there will be a learning curve. Nobody is expecting you to have all the answers immediately, so make use of the world of online resources until you find what works best for you and your students.

Avinash Pradhan
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