Why we need an School ERP

Why we need an School ERP
Why we need an School ERP

Just to simplify complex work and increase connectivity between each department of an organisation.

( if we want to summarize in one line )

Let’s explain it a little bit and take an example of School Institution.

A student takes admission in a school (Admission Department). He pays all his necessary fees and submits all his document ( Accounts department). He goes through all academic process like regular Attendance, Exams, Results, Assignments etc (Academics, Exam Department, Interact with different teachers of school i.e Employee)

Now in a traditional Pen & Paper approach, all these departments become the stand-alone entity of a school organisation, and it becomes very difficult for each department to share real-time data. This realtime data sharing is very crucial for the effective running of an organisation. Lack of it leads to multiple errors in record-keeping, duplicated data, loss of data and ultimately cause a loss for an organisation. 

In the current demanding culture, it becomes very necessary for any type of organisation regardless of its size to implement an ERP for managing their data efficiently and choosing the right ERP is equally important too.

Avinash Pradhan
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