A safety-net of Security for every School Management System.

A safety-net of Security for every School Management System.
A safety-net of Security for every School Management System.

School is an essential part of one's life. It is like the next home for our kids where they not only get an education but also grow personally and professionally. Moreover, a school is a labour intensive institution i.e it employs a large number of employees under its umbrella. So it is clearly understandable by now that with this amount of responsibility and numbers, the security of each and every entity in their own ways is extremely important to ensure identity, privacy and personal protection of everyone.  


Student Perspective

Students are the most vulnerable group in a school institution so a very stringent and focused care is needed. On an average of 168 hours on the clock which accounts for over 30% of the total time of a month, our kids spend in school. This data implicates something we should really care about. In the whole commute process, to and from school, time which is spent in school, there could be enormous security breaches.

To overcome these breaches, a school administration had to spend a huge amount of money from their budget. But still most of the time we fail to eliminate these security breaches to a considerable level.

A carefully and precisely designed School Management Software (ERPs) as our EDRP can greatly help you in reducing these breaches. As per our EDRP research and development team, if a School ERP is implemented with below mentioned features, it can help them in achieving a very high standard of security level for their students with manageable harmless minimal or negligible breaches.

  • Tracking the Student transport system.

  • Issuing Digital Identity Cards to Parents and Guardians.

  • Integrating school visitor’s tracking into ERPs itself.

  • RFID cards for In-School movement tracking for students.

On the Employee and Organisational Perspective

For an employee, the definition of security can be slightly different. For them, the security of data is something defined as crucial (Not to forget that personal data of a student is also something we can’t ignore). The core aspect and idea of an ERPs itself revolve around the integrity and correctness of data. The personal and financial data of an Employee and Organisation are termed as extremely private. A huge amount of research and development is still needed in these sectors, but we can come up with the best practices and protocols that is if implemented by a School Management Software implementation team, the impact of breaches can be reduced to a negligible level.

  • Industry-level Data encryption.

  • Minimalistic human interference on data storage.

  • Minimising data storage on servers.

  • Regular updates with Security Patches.

  • Two-factor Authentication for any kind of access into ERP.

  • Backup of encrypted files on different geographical locations.

  • Identity and Access management.

  • Obfuscation of School Management Software.

It is highly recommended for a School ERPs provider to carefully implement these security features and strictly follows it. It is also recommended for an ERP user to enquire about these features too. A breach can be catastrophic and irrevocable in some situations which can easily be avoidable if protocols are followed and ultimately lead to loss of trust between the ERP Users.


You don’t know how much you appreciate your privacy until you don’t have it.” (Morgan Freeman). Same goes for security also. It is a massive responsibility of a School Management Software provider to ensure the completeness of their product and stand firmly over the beliefs of their users. It is also a huge responsibility for a school organisation too, to select a Good School ERP on the benchmark of above-mentioned points and directions.

Avinash Pradhan
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