Personalize Learning: An Educational Makeover For Your Child

Personalize Learning: An Educational Makeover For Your Child
Personalize Learning: An Educational Makeover For Your Child

Introduction: What is Personalize learning?

Personalize learning is an educational approach to personalize the teaching-learning process for a student according to their ability, speed of gasping knowledge, skills and interest. A classroom can not have, “one size fits all” approach of education. Different students have different learning abilities, pace and interest and through personalize learning a teacher guides each student on their individualized journey of learning.

Students may learn skills at a different time and pace according to the plan created specifically for them but the end goal will be the same for all students, i.e. to meet the standards of their academic curriculum.

Student and teacher can collaborate together and create long-term and short-term plans of the learning procedure. This way students will have a say in their own learning experience. 

How one can implement personalized learning?

As we know personalize learning is still in its development and experimental phase and there is no specifically prescribed protocol to implement it. That is why we can see the variation in two schools using personalized learning. Still, we have two most effective model sets using which a school can effectively implement personalize learning in its institution and can fetch a satisfactory result. Let’s discuss a bit about it.

1. Schools that using student’s detailed profile

In this method, a school institution extract as much information needed to make a student learning profile. According to this created learning profile, a teacher assess a student and help them achieve there learning goal. Their profiles are constantly updated & reviewed and plans are made accordingly and changes to goals are done if needed. These detailed profiles help teachers and parents to make a positive impact on students learning. 

The students’ detailed report also helps a student to review their own performance and make better plans and strategies to improve his academics.

2. Using a personalized learning path and competency-based progression

In this method, a school creates a customise learning path for each student and assesses students to achieve their specific goals. These learning goals are created with the help of student’s teachers in collaboration with the student in accordance with students’ learning ability, pace and intelligence. Here teachers make sure that the learning path is designed to fulfil academic standards.

The schedule is uniquely designed for each individual student that helps make students and teachers understand the skills on what they need to master (student) or help them in attaining mastery on (teacher). These learning paths help students to master different skills according to their learning pace at different point of times. Here a teacher can closely monitor a students’ progress and provide any extra support whenever needed. With these learning goals, students are also aware of the pending goals that they need to master upon. To test a student’s mastery, they can be provided with options to choose from to perform a demonstration for the same.


Personalize learning must not be confused with special education and is not a replacement for the same rather it is an approach to general education. It has a lot of potentials but also has a lot of grey areas to work upon. Other than executive functioning issues, on the technology part, an EdTech like School Management System, EDRP can greatly help in streamlining the flow of these students centric data with proper availability and safety. Dated back to 1960s, the term personalized learning coined but there is no widespread agreement and definitions for the personal learning environment. Even to the year 2020, the term personal learning is evolving and open for debate and in-depth discussion.

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