Benefits of EDRP for Your School

Benefits of EDRP for Your School
Benefits of EDRP for Your School

Technology is getting advanced and with that, it is also gaining our confidence. This is the reason why we are slowly shifting towards digitizing all our workload. Within a decade we have seen a tremendous shift from the traditional method of working to the digital one.   

With the growing need for digitization in every sector for effective working and fast communication between each organ, schools are no longer isolated from this process.

The Online School Management System is one of these processes every school organisation must implement. It contains information about entire systems and its entities. 

The EDRP Software is capable of handling any kind of school institutions irrespective of their size. It ensures the effective management of the entire life cycle of a student, parent, and faculties member within the school. It also helps its users to manage the financial, academic, and administrative activities of their institution and can be easily used by teachers, administrative staff, students, and parents. 

Here is a list of some fantastic features of EDRP that will help in tremendously improving the functioning of a school organisation :

Admission Management 

It is one of the most important jobs in the school which consumes an enormous amount of time and resources if done traditionally. With the help of the EDRP School Management System, the entire admission process can be digitized. Enquiry and Registration process during the student’s admission will become seamless and easily manageable. Our system uses digital admission enquiry form that automates the whole process from enquiry to admission with proper communication at each step.

Academics Management

The core duty of a school institution is to prepare and transfer quality education to there students and what if we get a helping hand of technology around us to do so? EDRP helps us to do this miracle.

EDRP’s extensively designed Academic module systematically arranges all academic responsibilities and work of a student & teacher and helps them exchange every piece of required information whenever needed. With our mobile apps, both can perform all their duties with ease and whenever required. EDRP is designed with tons of features to support the institutional mission and enhance the learning environment. 

With robust real-time connectivity implemented between each module of our software, the realisation of swift communication is made possible. No doubt, with hundreds of strategically implemented and located functionality, EDRP is always ready to serve its duties and surprise you.

Accounts Management

One of the largest module of our School Management Software. Largest, because it is studied extensively and implemented with keeping in mind of providing the best possible working ease for their user. Accounts are considered as the most important office of any organisation and we design it keeping the same in mind. Different levels of validations and reminders are placed at each step for fast and errorless workings for both EDPR and its users at the client end as well as server end.

We protect your data like a sacred treasure that is why we have located our servers around the world and hardening our data security mechanism with every passing day.

Online Class and Examination

In this section, we offer you one of the most powerful tools you can use is School Management Software ERP where students can come together on a single platform along with all their learning materials and assignments. Our software experts have lots to offer you and in this chain, EDRP is offering you a fully customised online class module with each and every functionality specifically designed to ensure a great teaching-learning experience. Our team dedicated to the Online Class section is always ensuring that the privacy of their user is protected at any cost.

Along with this, there is no need to explain how important and necessary it becomes now for a school organisation to have the power of a flexible online module ready to serve any time they need it. Our EDRP incorporates this feature also and is always ready to serve you, with real-time notifications and powerful enough to meet your expectations every time you demand from it.

Online Payment Gateway

Our highly secured encrypted payment gateway allows its user to make various payments using Cards, UPI, Net Banking. Implemented across every platform, a user can make payment any time as per there convenience using our payment portal. Our EDRP’s user can have peace of mind as our payment gateway accepts payment from every leading merchant available in India.


With these very core functionalities of a school organisation precisely implemented in our EDRP, there is a lot more functionalities design with utmost precision to aid these core duties. These are:

Library Management, Reports Management for instant report creation to have a birds-eye view on those huge amounts of data a school admin have to coup with, Letter management, Hostel Management, Library Management, Certificate management and generation, Transport facility Management, RFID Management, ID Card, Mobile Apps and many more awaited for their users with our constant updates.


Educational institutions are going through unprecedented changes. The adaptation of technologies to conduct its working and continue their duties related to each respective entity of the organisation is the need of the hour. ERP for educational institutions is one of these technologies. In the current demanding culture, it becomes very necessary for any type of organisation regardless of its size to implement an ERP for managing their data efficiently and choosing the right ERP is equally important too.

Avinash Pradhan
Published by Avinash Pradhan

Avinash Pradhan is a copywriter and leads the Customer Relationship Officer at EDRP. He has a keen interest in writing on topics pertaining to education, technology and social issues. He believes that only sound education can bring a better future, a better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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