School Management System for Safe Student’s Data and Online Fees Payment?

School Management System for Safe Student’s Data and Online Fees Payment?
School Management System for Safe Student’s Data and Online Fees Payment?

Managing the digital and physical security of a school learning environment is an important part of all educational organisations. School authorities nationwide are continuously engaged in numerous actions to successfully manage school functions and provide better educational experiences to students.

Conversely, it is important for the School ERP Providers to rapidly evolve their digital and physical security strategies by enhancing the maturity, innovation, and reliability of their management systems.

In order to maximize the functions of management systems and assure parents of their child’s safety and progress, our EDRP boasts a variety of features that improve the overall administration of schools.

Your Student’s Data is safe with us

data safe with edrpEven after technological advancements, student’s data still remains the most valuable asset for educational institutions. A breach of students personal data can lead to serious consequences like student’s personal security, identity theft, academics data manipulation and financial loss to the institutions in the worst-case scenario. If the aspect of data security is not properly taken care of, it can lead to a compromising state for both of the stakeholders.  

Therefore, student data management and protection are vital when it comes to maintaining and strengthening the reputation of an educational institution. We design EDRP that way. With Industry-level data encryptions in its heart, cloud computing and day to day updates, EDRP knows how to protect your data like a sacred treasure. With our design teams and security experts, we had tried and tested uncountable scenarios and stress tests to check the reliability of EDRP, and with each passing day, it is getting matured with their creator and users. 

Your money is safe with us

online fee payment with edrpDon’t worry, we never store your financial data with us nor we can see your transaction history. It’s all under your control. Our highly-secured and encrypted payment gateway allows its user with peace of mind to make payments using Cards, UPI, Net Banking. Implemented across almost every platform, a user can make payment any time as per their convenience using our payment portal. EDRP ensures your security and availability of our payment gateways that accept payment through every leading merchant available in India. 


Harnessing the right Student Information System in the right way that can easily solve the data security issues. Security is more than just good business practice—it’s also vital to protecting the customers you serve. If you’re thinking of adopting a new School Management Software (ERP) or modifying/ replacing an existing School ERP, we have the experts you need to guide you through that adventure, as well.

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